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43 Essential Nutrients - Nutrient Dense Food

Do you YEVO? You Should

Do you YEVO? You should. People are starting to talk about this great new food product that contains forty three major nutrients. But what is YEVO? Weíre glad you asked because we canít wait to share it with you!

We know you're on the go all the time. That's why you have a tablet, a laptop, and a phone that offer super fast, high speed internet. The world is moving faster and so should you. We also know you want your food to be fast Ė but not so fast itís not healthy for you. You want healthy and we understand that. You don't always have time to make a protein shake or scrambled eggs or a healthy salad. That's where YEVO comes in.

YEVO is made of 43 major nutrients that can help your body achieve optimal health as it works to ensure you have the appropriate vitamins and nutrients in your body.

Do you YEVO? You Should

YEVO is one of the top vitamin and mineral, nutritional supplements on the market with so many great ingredients you'll be shocked to find you didn't start using it sooner. Keep in mind it's hard to find a vitamin with 43 essential nutrients, let alone a protein bar thatís packed with natural nutritional ingredients and vitamins.

YEVO supplements are made up of essential organic substances that the body needs to help it function. In YEVO, there are 13 essential vitamins that your body needs to perform each day. You want your body to have all the supplements it needs especially when youíre on the go. YEVO supplements include vitamin A which is found naturally in fish, oil, cheese, eggs, and meats like liver. It also includes vitamin A which help keep good vision for the eyes, and it helps encourage red and white blood cells to flow freely and to help fuel your body for optimal health.

Another key vitamin is D, needed to maintain optimal health as it helps to promote metabolism, build brain muscle and promote hair growth. Other key vitamins that are included are vitamin B 2, also known as riboflavin, which is found in meat, fish and dairy products. We also need other vitamins like vitamin B6, vitamin B5, and vitamin B3 which are part of the essential elements and vitamins that we need to function daily. Because YEVO is a full nutritional supplement, just like a meal, it also includes vitamin B12, vitamin C, which is commonly found in juices and citrus fruits and is very good against fighting some cancers breast cancer and other diseases. Vitamin C also helps us to fight off colds and help build the immune system. Vitamin D helps us with bones and comes naturally from sunlight. Its a vitamin that's produced when we spend time in the sun. Even if you don't go outside and you wear sunscreen, your body still needs vitamin D. We also need vitamin E in our systems and vitamin A which is found in healthy green leafy vegetables and acts as an antioxidant as it sends free radicals throughout the body to help form red blood cells.