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Audubon Zoo General Admission
Please Note That Prices May Change Or Be Different
The Audubon Zoo is located at 6500 Magazine Street, New Orleans, Louisiana 70118.

It costs $18.95 per person
$13.95 for Kids age 2-12
Seniors 14.95
Under 12 months of age - Free

Hours of Operation are Tuesday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m
Saturday and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Visitor Services
Purchase Tickets
To purchase tickets or for questions about previously purchased tickets. or (504) 581-4629 or (800) 774-7394



If you are Interested in checking out one of the exhibits, make sure to refer to your map to guide you. Types of exhibits include the popular elephant exhibit, the stingray touch pool, the insect encounters and live animal encounters in Field Camp.


If you stop in the Audubon Aviary, you could check out an amazing array of exotic birds that are there. There is also something called the bug toss that kids may or may not enjoy as they throw bugs to the birds and see them catch and eat them. Children may be shocked to learn that bugs have an amazing sense of vision and can see a worm or bug from a very long distance away.


If you're interested in learning about various types of snakes, be sure to check out the Bushmaster exhibit activity. Not only will you see various types of snakes, but you will also see poison dart frogs, lizards, and other amphibians and reptiles that are here waiting to climb on you!


Because this encounter is up close, the zoo ensures that it's very safe and kids will enjoy seeing these animals close up. With this exhibit, you can actually get to see a Bushmaster snake up close. He's one of the largest vipers in the world.


Children will also get a kick out of seeing the elephant exhibit, as they watch Panya and Jean do stunts and entertain. You can also check out the rare white tiger, as well. Next on your list, be sure to view great exhibits like the giraffe presentation where you can feed a live giraffe and he can eat right from your hand! There's also an otter exhibit, where you can see otters up close, as well as a large gator feeding exhibit. Don’t worry, he’s not hungry at all!

Don't forget to check out the Pelican feeding so you can see how these large birds are fed fish. Then be sure to look for the African Savanna. Before you close out your day, make sure to take the kids to the spider monkey feeding. How could we forget about the monkeys!


Make sure when you come to visit, you check the schedule. You can stop in early or late in the afternoon when it's a little bit quieter. Don't miss out on the exhibits that you want to check out their website to ensure that you confirm the times.


Strollers and wagons are allowed, and you can also rent them here.


Wheelchairs are also available for rentals and you have to have an ID and a $5 deposit for them.


There are free wi-fi spots that you can find them at various locations such as the golf course clubhouse, in the Cypress Knee Cafe, the Zoofari Café, or The Flamingo Cafe.


Restrooms are located throughout the zoo.


Additional venues that are located here and include food and animal themed gift stores like: Audubon Marketplace, The Carousel Concession Stand, Haagen Dazs, Roman Candy, Snack Shack, Snack N' Splash, as well as a few other cafes that are located throughout the zoo.

Overview Of The Audubon Zoo

Audubon Zoo in New Orleans is a great zoo to see animals in their natural habitats. This is one of the top rated zoos in the nation because of the large areas the animals have to be most like it would be if they were in the wild. A vacation to New Orleans, Louisiana would not be complete without seeing the zoo. If you are staying in Downtown New Orleans you can get to the zoo by way of the streetcars that run every 15 minutes from downtown to the zoo. There are more than 1,500 animals that come from many different countries worldwide. In fact, when you visit the Audubon Zoo you will see 350 different species of animals, which is simply amazing!

Some of the many animals here are white tigers, rhinos, gorillas, and more reptiles than you can imagine in the reptile building. In one exhibit there are even white alligators, which are very rare and something most people have never seen! Kids and adults of all ages really enjoy watching There are several animal shows to see with sea lions, giraffes, Komodo dragons, alligators and elephants. Feeding time for these animals is always a favorite among visitors.

The Embraceable Zoo is a great experience where endangered domestic animals may be touched and played with. The kids and animals get a lot out of this and it is a great place to get some good photos that you will remember for a lifetime. Another fun place within the Audubon Zoo is the Children's Zoo. Prepare to spend several hours to a half day seeing and experiencing everything this zoo has to offer.

Many people love feeding time for the animals. The monkeys will put on a show as they fight over food and can be very amusing. There are plenty of places to eat at the zoo at reasonable prices. There is also a large gift shop.

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